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Promote Your Event @ SINGPromos.com

SINGPromos.com (previously known as Singapore-Promotions.com) provides a comprehensive coverage of local promotions and sales. In addition, it occasionally covers product launches, product news and major events in Singapore

The current Alexa ranking in Singapore can be found here. We are proud to be among the top 500 sites in Singapore


  • ~ 1,000,000 unique visitors per month
  • ~ 2,500,000 page views per month
  • ~ 31,100 Facebook fans
  • ~ 4,800 Twitter followers

(stats updated August 2014 – check live and detailed stats at our SiteMeter account)

Standard Event Article

Get your promotion featured on Singapore-Promotions.com for a low one-time price of only $100. The article will be tagged with a calendar entry, allows photo uploads, your marketing content and title.

Included in the price!

  1. A dedicated event page for your event
  2. An entry in the Calendar of events*
  3. An entry in each of the assigned category(s) of the event
  4. An entry in the “latest articles” section of the home page, as well as the “just in” section of the homepage which can remain up to 12 hours
  5. An entry in the daily digest e-mail blast to thousands of subscribers on the day of publication before 3pm
  6. An entry in the sidebar navigation under “Just In” which can remain up to 12 hours from the time published
  7. Article featured* in the “Coming Soon” tab of the homepage for events not started
  8. Automatic reminders*! When your event is starting soon or ending soon, we automatically feature the event on the sidebar (the left side of all pages)
    1. On the first day, an entry under “Starts Today” in the sidebar
    2. On the last day of the sale, an entry under “Ending Today” in the sidebar to remind visitors of your event starting and ending. Plus! The event is also featured on the homepage under “Ending Today”
    3. NEW! If your event is starting tomorrow, an entry under “starts tomorrow” in the sidebar
  9. Appearance in the RSS feeds of thousands of subscribers

* Only for articles with a Start Date and End Date

Even more!

  1. Submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines!
  2. Article is promoted in the “Related News” section for other articles in the same category for up to 24 hours or more!


  1. FREE Facebook (over 25K fans) feature IF your event garners at least 50 Likes to the article page
  2. FREE Twitter (over 4.5K followers) feature IF your event garners at least 50 Likes to the article page
  3. FREE Sidebar feature under “don’t miss” section (appearance depends on the number of Likes on the article page)

Price: The Standard Event Article is currently going at a promotional one-time payment of only SG$100. For ALL of the above, we believe this is a price hard to beat!

Social Media Posting Upgrade

Thousands of our fans are also on Facebook and Twitter waiting to hear your latest promotion event!

  • Facebook post – only $100 (one-time payment)
  • Twitter post – only $100 (one-time payment)

Featured Post Super-Promo Upgrade

The homepage is our most popular page and garners a huge percentage of our total traffic.

There’s so many events listed on the homepage that we now offer an option to make your event stand out – The Featured Post Super-Promo upgrade!

With this premium upgrade, the moment the visitor enters the homepage of the website, your event will be among the FIRST to be seen!

What’s included!

  1. Appearance among Super-Promo posts in the homepage. If there are more than one featured article, the ranking will be randomised about every 30 minutes
  2. A “SUPER-PROMO” seal of approval on the event page


  1. Premium appearance at the bottom of almost all pages under “Today’s hand-picked deals (updated daily)”. If there are more than one featured article, the ranking is randomized every 30 minutes

Pricing: With the large size placements, thousands of visitors will be viewing your event every day – at the homepage as well as almost all the other 50000+ pages we have. Only $250/day for the upgrade.

Advertising Spots

The following are our banner advertising and featured advertising spots. Please bid through Google Adwords or e-mail your preferred rate for our consideration.

Contact us

If the price doesn’t meet your budget, it’s not a problem! Simply send us your event details and we will publish it FREE depending on the editor’s discretion.

It’s FREE – worth a shot – there’s absolutely nothing to lose

Contact us here with your event details and we will respond within 12 hours.

* All content submitted for advertising is subject to our review. Payment must be received and fully processed before ad can be run
* All external links will be rel=nofollow’ed

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