(EXPIRED) Singapore Savings Bonds Offers Up to 3.3% in Latest Issue, apply by 28 May 2024 UPDATED 3 Jun 2024

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Investors are now offered an attractive opportunity with the latest Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) issue, which promises an annual return of up to 3.3%.

UPDATE 3 JUNE: Singapore Savings Bonds Offers Up to 3.3% p.a. in Latest Issue, Apply by 25 June 2024

With a minimum investment of $500, the latest Singapore Savings Bond issue is now open for applications.

Investment Details:

  • Minimum investment per bond: $500
  • No maximum limit per bond
  • Individuals can hold up to $200,000

Recognised as a secure and adaptable option for long-term savings, Savings Bonds are a unique form of Singapore Government Securities designed for individual investors. They offer the assurance that both the principal investment and interest payments are guaranteed by the Singapore Government’s full faith and credit.

Investors are assured of the return of their principal amount when investing in Savings Bonds. Post-issuance, fluctuations in interest rates will not impact the bond’s value.

As a complement to other savings and investment strategies, Savings Bonds provide a reliable method to plan for long-term financial goals.

  • Security – Savings Bonds are fully guaranteed by the Singapore Government, ensuring that investors can always reclaim their full investment amount without any capital losses.
  • Longevity – The bonds allow for investments up to ten years, with interest rates that escalate over time, rewarding longer-term savings with higher returns.
  • Flexibility – Investors have the option to withdraw their investment at any time without penalties, offering the freedom to decide on the investment duration as they go.

The interest rates for this round are notably higher than those offered in April 2024.

Interest Rates

SBJUN24 GX24060A

Year from issue date12345678910
Interest %
Average return per year %*
  • For guidance on how to invest in Singapore Savings Bonds, click here.
  • Current bondholders looking to withdraw their investments can find instructions here.
  • For information on allotment data for previous issues, click here.
  • For comprehensive details on Singapore Savings Bonds, click here

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