Burger King NEW Transformers Whopper Bot & Whopper Jr Bot Burgers 5 Jun 2014

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This season, arm yourself with the all new WHOPPER BOT and WHOPPER JR. BOT!

Configure your patties as double beef, double chicken or beef & chicken modes for a delicious bot assault on your tastebuds.

Burger King Singapore is rolling out burgers inspired by the summer blockbuster, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The promotion is a collaboration with United International Pictures (UIP) and Hasbro.

The heroes of this collaboration will be Burger King Singapore’s WHOPPER BOT and WHOPPER JR BOT.

These special configurable burgers allow you to select the protein combination you prefer – double flame-grilled beef patties, double flame-grilled chicken patties or a chicken and beef combination for the best of both worlds!

Topped with fresh produce such as crisp iceberg lettuce, crunchy onions and juicy tomato slices, the burgers also come with turkey bacon which is fried to golden crispiness and drizzled with not one, but two sauces – Bull’s Eyes BBQ sauce and tangy tomato ketchup. Sandwiched in between lightly toasted sesame seed buns, this latest innovation is guaranteed to assault your senses and satisfy your cravings!

“This is probably one of the firsts in the local fast food scene, burgers that offer consumers the flexibility on choice of proteins in one burger,” said Ms See Seow Ying, Head of Marketing for Burger King Singapore.

“We found out in our new product development process that the combination of flame-grilled beef and chicken actually provided a new taste profile that is surprisingly refreshing, we are sure consumers would tuck into it with much delight,” she continued.

As part of the promotion, consumers can receive a FREE limited edition Transformers poster with every Go Large Whopper Bot or Whopper Jr Bot meal.

Other terms and conditions apply.

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