McDonald’s S’pore is bringing back the popular HERSHEY’s desserts from 27 May 2024

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McDonald’s Singapore is set to bring back the beloved HERSHEY’s desserts from 27 May 2024.

In a delightful turn for dessert lovers, the fast-food giant has announced the return of its popular HERSHEY’s themed treats. No more mundane vanilla days, as McDonald’s promises to reinvigorate your taste buds with the rich and luscious flavours of HERSHEY’s chocolate.

The returning lineup includes the classic Cone, the indulgent McFlurry, and the ever-popular Hot Fudge Sundae. Each dessert is crafted to offer a unique chocolate experience that HERSHEY’s fans have come to adore.

These chocolate delights will be available from 11am on 27 May at all McDonald’s outlets islandwide. Mark your calendars and be ready to indulge in the sweetness that awaits.

McDonald’s HERSHEY’s Line-up

Hershey’s Cone & Twist Cone

Treat yourself to rich, velvety Hershey’s soft serve on a cone, or twirled with creamy vanilla to get the best of both worlds! Available in Hershey’s Cone, Hershey’s Twist Cone, Hershey’s ChocoCone® and Hershey’s Twist ChocoCone®.

Allergen information: Milk, Soybean, Wheat
Food sensitivities: Gluten and Sulphite

Hershey’s Sundae & McFlurry®

What’s better than chocolate? More chocolate. Enjoy your Hershey’s soft serve with a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce, or paired with crunchy OREO® bits.

Available in Hershey’s Hot Fudge Sundae, Hershey’s Strawberry Sundae, Hershey’s OREO® McFlurry®, Hershey’s Mudpie McFlurry® and Hershey’s Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry®.

Allergen information: Milk, Soybean, Wheat
Food sensitivities: Gluten
Hershey’s McFlurry® may contain nuts.


For those eager to plan their visit, McDonald’s has made it easy to locate the nearest outlet. Simply click here to find your closest McDonald’s and join in the celebration of chocolatey goodness.

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