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SINGPromos.com provides a comprehensive coverage of local promotions and sales. In addition, it occasionally covers product launches, product news and major events in Singapore

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The current Alexa ranking in Singapore can be found here. We rank among the top 300 sites in Singapore

Publication is FREE*

Publication of your event or news is generally FREE* (*subject to editor’s approval).

frequently asked questions

do we need to pay for our news to be published? only if it has been rejected, the Standard Paid Posting option will be made available to you

how to ensure our news gets published? it depends on the editorial review. to increase the chances of your event being published, be detailed as possible and include a good unique marketing write-up explaining the event

do you post your promotions on your facebook/twitter page? it is at the discretion of the editor. however, we do allow paid postings

what if our promotion has been rejected? we offer the Standard Paid Posting option

can i e-mail you guys directly? Due to massive spam, please contact us using the form below

Submit Your Promotion

Please fill in the form below. Please submit news as EARLY as possible for us to prepare them ahead of the time. We adhere to any embargos stated strictly.

When submitting, please be detailed and include a marketing write-up or press release. Please also include an image (such as poster/press ad/etc).

Get HIGHER chances of FREE publication approval with a long write-up. Incomplete and inadequate information may cause the submission to be disapproved.

Submission Form

e.g. John Smith (John Smith Pte Ltd)

e.g. www.facebook.com/singapore.promotions

e.g. Warehouse Sale

if your submission has a start date and a end date, it is an "event". Otherwise it is "news"

select only relevant categories

Please be as detailed as possible about the event
– No one or two liners
– Be as detailed as possible
– Be as detailed as possible
– Be as detailed as possible (yes, we can’t stress it enough)

6MB limit, upload to wetransfer if bigger

Guaranteed paid listing.

  • Your submission is 99.9% guaranteed to be published. If not, we will clarify
  • FREE Editing services
  • Selected submissions will enjoy FREE Facebook exposure
  • Selected submissions will enjoy FREE Twitter exposure
  • Approved posts are eligible for paid upgrades
  • NOTE: Strictly NO refunds after we start processing your order, even if the article is not published. Payment will be requested after we have reviewed your content. Orders will only be processed when full payment is received.

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