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Microsoft Provides Free Advertising For Windows Web Hosting Providers UPDATED 26 Jun 2011

Microsoft is offering a platform to showcase your offers and promotions to those looking specifically for Windows Web Hosting.

What’s more is that it is customized to every country, so a visitor visiting the page from Singapore will see Singapore related web hosting offers and likewise, a visitor from US will see US related web hosting offers.

The cost? It’s completely FREE. Note that this is only for those web hosting companies offering services on Windows Server platforms. If you are a reseller, you are welcome to apply as well. Microsoft also highlights offers from Web Hosting companies which offer ‘the latest Microsoft stack’ – so the call it.

If you support ‘the latest Microsoft stack’, your web hosting offers will be more visible as these offers are marked as “spotlight” offers and appear at the top of the page! How’s that for easy marketing?

So get kickin’ to http://www.microsoft.com/web/hosting/home if you are a Windows Web Hosting provider!

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