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Standard Post Article^

Get your promotion featured on for a low one-time price of only $499. The article will be tagged with a calendar entry*, allows photo uploads, your marketing content and title.

Included in the price!

  1. A dedicated event page for your event
  2. An entry in the Calendar of events * Only for articles with a Start Date and End Date
  3. An entry in each of the assigned category(s) of the event
  4. An entry in the “latest articles” section of the home page which can remain up to 12 hours depending on the number of new articles
  5. An entry in the daily digest e-mail blast to thousands of subscribers on the day of publication
  6. Appearance in the RSS feeds of thousands of subscribers

The above benefits are correct as of 7 April 2021 and are subject to changes anytime.

Even more!

  1. Submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines!
  2. Article is promoted in the “Related News” section of other articles in the same category for up to 24 hours or more depending on the number of new articles
  3. We are proud to have MANY media websites (such as Goody Feed, Mothership and many more) tracking our every new post (especially when posted on our Facebook page)! Your article may enjoy additional coverage across other media websites with just a single submission here


  1. The Standard Event Article is currently going at a one-time payment of only SG$499. The article will be live for the lifetime of the website. For ALL of the above, we believe this is a price hard to beat!
  2. All content submitted for advertising is subject to our review. Payment must be received and fully processed before the order can be processed. STRICTLY NO REFUNDS unless order has been rejected by us. Once we start processing your order, refunds are no longer permissible even if the article is not published.
  3. Payment will only be requested after we have approved your content.


  • We are not able to provide any guaranteed clicks or impressions statistics as it depends on the popularity of a promotion. As figures vary widely, we cannot provide averages as well.
  • For e-mail newsletters, we have over 7,200 subscribers as of Feb 2024. We do not track any stats such as open-rate, click-thru rate or any other stats. Note: The rank of your listing in the newsletter is not guaranteed.
  • Payment will only be requested after we have approved your content. Payment by bank transfer or cheque. Other payment methods such as Bank Wire and Paypal are subject to approval. Credit can be provided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Processing time is up to 24hrs depending on our work load and the time you submit the promotion
  • The Standard post, after published, will appear on the homepage at the top position. It will drop down in rank as new posts are published. To place your promotion at the homepage top position, consider our Super-Promo option below
  • The website’s least busiest days (lowest traffic) of the week are during weekends and on public holidays.
  • A report on pageviews for your Standard Post is available on request at no charge. This is complimentary for one-time only and provides only the daily pageviews and no other metric


Please note that it is very difficult to promise these as it generally depends on the popularity of the post.

Hence we do NOT provide any assurances of the below

  • Guaranteed likes and shares on website posts or social media postings
  • Guaranteed pageviews
  • Guarantee of “first page appearance” of your post on major search engines
  • Guarantee of social media post virality

Order now here. You may also try for a FREE Standard post article by submitting here.

Standard Post Bump^

Bump your Standard Post back to the top position in the homepage for just $299.

Simply respond to the acceptance email anytime to activate this service.

This service is subject to approval and requires payment to be made before the post is bumped. The Publication Date of the post will be affected when the post is bumped and there may be a “Updated” tag on the post title.

Social Media Post Add-ons^

Our fans are also on our social media channels waiting to hear your latest promotion

  • Facebook post – only $499 (one-time payment)
    • Please note that due to Facebook’s news filtering, your post may not show to the full number of Likers. In order to maximize the post reach to as many users as possible, the post has to be ‘Promoted’.
    • The Facebook Post will be tagged as Branded Content which will state it as a “Paid Post”. Users will be able to discern that the post has been sponsored. You will be able to boost the post if you are an administrator of your brand’s page.
  • Twitter/Instagram/Telegram post – only $499 for each channel (one-time payment)

Featured Post Super-Promo Upgrade^

The homepage is our most popular page and garners a huge percentage of our total traffic.

There’s so many events listed on the homepage that we now offer an option to make your event stand out – The Featured Post Super-Promo upgrade!

With this premium upgrade, the moment the visitor enters the homepage of the website, your event will be among the FIRST to be seen!

What’s included:

  1. Appearance among Super-Promo posts at the homepage. Your post will be among the FIRST to be seen when they visit the homepage
    1. If there are more than one Super-Promo article, the ranking will be randomised about every 30 minutes
  2. Appearance at the bottom of almost all pages under “featured”. If there are more than one Super-Promo article, the ranking is randomized every 30 minutes
  3. We limit Super-Promo posts to a maximum of three at any one time
  4. Pageviews report for the Standard Post is provided on request at the end of the campaign


  1. Thousands of visitors will be viewing your event every day – at the homepage as well as almost all the other 50000+ pages. Only $250/day for the upgrade.
  2. Enjoy discounts of up to 30% OFF when you purchase multiple days – 7 days (20%), 14 days (25%) and 30 days (30%)

Advertising Banner Spots

Please bid through Google Adwords or e-mail your preferred rate for our consideration.

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^ All content submitted for advertising is subject to our editorial consideration. Payment must be received and fully processed before the order can be processed. STRICTLY NO REFUNDS unless order has been rejected by us. All external links will be rel=nofollow’ed