3M Singapore New Nexcare Maternity Supports 8 Oct 2012

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Becoming a mother for the first time and feeling unprepared? Or dreading the discomfort and aches of going through a pregnancy again?

Understanding the strenuous periods mothers undergo before and after pregnancy when their bodies are put under much duress, global diversified company 3M introduces the Nexcare™ Maternity Supports for both pre and post-natal care.

These comfy maternity aids strive to provide mothers with the support they require, working discreetly to alleviate the stress and reduce any discomfort of childbearing.

The new range of Nexcare™ Maternity Supports includes:

Nexcare™ maternity support (M, L)

Recognising that 8 out of 10 expectant mothers experiences backache*, especially during the second half of their pregnancy, this maternity support aims to provide a gentle yet firm support to ease discomfort in the abdomen and back. By lifting the weight off the pelvis, it reduces the severity of pain and pressure on the lower back as well as the pelvis girdle.

Apart from bringing relief from the increased weight, this latex free elastic support also stabilises the abdomen and back, helping to improve posture as well. Price: $69.90

Nexcare™ ColdHot™ back & abdomen belt (S/M, L/XL)

A good way to soothe backaches caused by elongated back muscles during pregnancy is to use the cold/hot gel compress. Constructed with a Thinsulate™ insulation belt, a unique technology developed by 3M that uses a composition of microfibers for better insulation, the band offers therapeutic comfort for back and abdomen pain.

This reusable belt can be heated or cooled for varying needs. When heated, the belt eases muscular tension and brings relief to aching areas; and when cooled helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Price: $69.90

Nexcare™ postpartum support (M, L)

A postpartum support that fits discretely under clothing, this belt provides a tender yet steady compression to support abdominal muscles that have been weakened from childbirth. It works silently to help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy figures and perform normal activities sooner.

This comfortable band is also especially useful for mothers who have undergone C-section, as it comforts and protects the tummy while it heals. Price: $59.90

Nexcare™ ColdHot™ maternity compress

While most mothers (74%) breastfeed upon giving birth, the discomfort of breast engorgement and/or congestion from breastfeeding causes the rate to fall to 47% after 6-8 weeks.* The cold/hot nursing pillow gel helps to solve these problems and ease the troubles of breastfeeding.

Easily fitted into a nursing bra, this compress supports and stimulates milk production flow when heated, preventing blocked milk ducts, mastitis and engorgement of breasts. Using it as a cold compress can help cure inflammation and provide relief to the breasts between feedings. Price $25.90

Kickstart the joys of pregnancy with minimal discomfort with the extensive range of 3M Nexcare™ maternity supports!

Now available at all leading retail outlets.

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