Bank of China offers up to 3.50% p.a. with latest Time Deposit promotion from 15 Jan 2024

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Personal SGD Time Deposit Promotion Rates

The rates are indicative and applicable to personal customers only. Rates used at point of transaction may differ.

Rates as of 15 Jan 2024

TenorInterest Rates (%p.a.)
Over the Counter PlacementVia Mobile Banking Placement*
S$5,000 and above (Over the Counter)
S$500 and above (Via Mobile Banking*)
1 month2.802.90
2 months3.103.20
3 months3.403.50
4 months3.353.45
5 months3.353.45
6 months3.303.40
7 months3.303.40
8 months3.253.35
9 months3.253.35
10 months3.203.30
11 months3.203.30
12 months3.203.30
18 months2.852.95
24 months2.602.70

*This promotional rate is only applicable to personal banking customers with placement via BOC Mobile Banking.

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How to place a Bank of China Time Deposit via BOC Mobile App

(Information in this section is accurate as of Sept 2023)

You will need to open a BOC SuperSaver or BOC SmartSaver account together with a SGD Time deposit account to perform the time deposit placement over mobile banking. If you already have (or don’t have) an existing BOC SuperSaver or BOC SmartSaver, simply apply for the required accounts online here.

After the Time Deposit account is approved, you will notice that the interest rates shown when attempting to place a Time Deposit under Deposit Products are non-promotional rates. The promotional rates will be shown once you have (1) completed your tenor selection AND (2) keyed in your deposit amount.

For more info, click here. Find your nearest branch here

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