Bank of China (Singapore) Latest Time Deposit Rates Offers Up to 3.30% p.a. from 29 April 2024 UPDATED 6 May 2024

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Bank of China (Singapore) Latest Time Deposit Rates

In a recent update, Bank of China (Singapore) has announced a revision in its Time Deposit rates, offering personal banking customers an opportunity to earn up to 3.30% per annum. This move comes as part of the bank’s latest promotion, effective from 29 April 2024, and is set to benefit a wide range of customers looking to maximise their savings.

The promotional rates are indicative and are applicable exclusively to personal customers. It is important to note that the rates used at the point of transaction may vary.

Highlighting the changes, the 3-months rate has seen a slight decrease from the previous 3.35% to the current 3.30%, reflecting the bank’s response to the evolving financial market.

Rates as of 6 May 2024

TenorInterest Rates (%p.a.)
Over the Counter PlacementVia Mobile Banking Placement*
S$10,000 and above (Over the Counter)
S$500 and above (Via Mobile Banking*)
1 month2.802.90
2 months3.103.20
3 months3.253.30
4 months3.203.25
5 months3.153.20
6 months3.103.20
7 months3.053.15
8 months3.053.15
9 months3.003.05
10 months3.003.05
11 months3.003.05
12 months3.003.05
18 months2.652.75
24 months2.602.70

*This promotional rate is only applicable to personal banking customers with placement via BOC Mobile Banking.

For detailed information onthe Bank of China’s Time Deposit promotion, click here. To locate your nearest Bank of China branch, click here.

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