ICBC Singapore Offers Up To 3.40% p.a. Fixed Deposit Rates From 19 May 2024

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ICBC Singapore’s Latest Fixed Deposit Promotion Offers Up to 3.40% p.a.

In a bid to provide more lucrative savings options, ICBC Singapore has introduced a new fixed deposit promotion, effective from 19 May 2024. The promotion promises an annual interest rate of up to 3.40%.

With a minimum deposit amount of S$20,000 over the counter and S$500 via E-banking, the promotion is accessible to a wide range of customers looking for secure investment opportunities.

The promotional rates are available until further notice, offering flexibility and assurance to depositors. Rates for the 3-month tenor have seen an increase from the previous promotion, while other rates remain unchanged.

ICBC Singapore also offers the advantage of no penalty for premature withdrawal of fixed deposits. Customers will receive payment based on the prevailing current account interest rate.

To qualify for the promotion, deposits must be made with fresh funds, which are defined as funds not originating from any existing accounts held with ICBC. Transfers between ICBC accounts will not be considered as fresh funds.

Rates as of 19 May 2024

SGDPromotional Rates
Over the CounterVia E-Banking
TenorSGD20,000 & AboveSGD500 & Above
1 month2.85%2.90%
3 months3.35%3.40%
6 months3.10%3.15%
9 months3.00%3.05%
1 year3.00%3.05%

For more information on the fixed deposit promotion and to make an informed decision, interested individuals can click here.

Additionally, comparisons with other banks’ deposit rates can be found here.

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