Courts Cool Zone Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Air Coolers, Fans & Fridges Offers 6 Apr 2013 UPDATED 9 Apr 2013

Cool Zone
Cool Zone

Courts has released a Cool Zone catalogue of promotions, valid for a limited period. Check out new Courts Temper Cooler services in-stores and online. Free $750 vouchers on split Air-cons Purchase with Flexi Plans. Free 5 years warranty or Free 32″ LED TV (worth $599)

Visit Courts at to check out their offers or visit Courts outlets Jurong Point, Causeway Point, Lot 1, Nex and more.

Cool Zone

Courts can now do more for a greener earth with Courts Cool Zone’s extensive array of air-conditioners which are equipped with clearly labelled energy-saving features and top performing range of Fridges from the big names in the market. Find peace in getting the perfect air-conditioner from your home and enhance your shopping experience with our trusted and reliable team of staff who offers professional advices and tips.

In addition, enjoy FREE installation inclusive of FREE 3 Years Installation Warranty when you and family make any air-con purchase with us. Boasting numerous top brands such as Mitsubishi, LG and Samsung, be sure to keep the heat off to stay cool in sunny Singapore!

Air Conditioners

Free 3 Years Installation Warranty plus Free Installation for standard HDB installation of split air-cons excluding stainless steel bracket, additional optional services, site survey, etc PLUS Free 5 years warranty with purchase of split air-cons $899 above OR Free 7″ Tablet worth $299 with purchase of $1999-$3998 OR Free 32″ LED TV worth $599 with purchase of $3999 and above. Exclude special offer items and Daikin air-cons.

Midea beyond your expectation. Midea Plasma Electron air conditioner effectively improves your health by removing airborne germs, bacteria, dust, pollen, smoke and viruses from indoor air. Developed for allergy sufferers, babies and young children, elderly, smokers and those who desires cleaner and healthier air. Plasma Electron. Refresh your health. 6 years compressor warranty. 2 years parts warranty, 1 year installation warranty. Only by Midea authorised installer

Samsung and Midea Air conditioners listed are Samsung RJ050F2HXEB / MH026FNEAX2 Air Conditioner, Samsung RJ070F4HXEA / MH026FNEAX3 Air Conditioner, Samsung RJ070F4HXEA / MH026FNEAX4 Air Conditioner, Samsung RJ050F2HXEA / MH026FAEAX2 Air Conditioner, Samsung RJ070F4HXEA / MH026FAEAX3 Air Conditioner, Samsung RJ070F4HXEA / MH026FAEAX4 Air Conditioner, Midea M30A21CDN1 / MS9AI-09CRDN1(9A2)X2 Air Conditioner, Midea M30A21CDN1 / MS9AI-09CRDN1(9A2)X3 Air Conditioner, Midea M40A28CDN1 / MS9AI09CRDN1(9A2)X4 Air Conditioner, Midea M30A21CDN1 / MS9AI-09CRDN1(9A5)X2 Air Conditioner, Midea M30A21CDN1 / MS9AI-09CRDN1(9A5)X3 Air Conditioner, Midea M40A28CDN1 / MS9AI09CRDN1(9A5)X4 Air Conditioner

Europace, Mitsubishi and Toshiba Air Conditioners listed are EuropAce ESACM220 / ESACB09X2 Air Conditioner, EuropAce ESACM327 / ESACB09X3 Air Conditioner, EuropAce ESACA428 / ESACA09FCX2 Air Conditioner, EuropAce ESACA428 / ESACA09FCX4 Air Conditioner, Mitsubishi Electric MXY3A28VA / MSXYGE10VAX2 Air Conditioner, Mitsubishi Electric MXY3A28VA / MSXYGE10VAX3 Air Conditioner, Mitsubishi Electric MX43A28VA / MSXYGE10VAX4 Air Conditioner, Toshiba RAS3M20SACV / RASM10SKCVX3 Air Conditioner, Toshiba RAS4M26SACV / RASM10SKCVX3X22SKCV Air Conditioner

Inverter Single Split Air Conditioners listed are LG BSUQ096B8A5 / BSNQ096B8A5 Air Conditioner, Samsung ASV10EWQXXSS / ASV10EWQNX Air Conditioner, Panasonic CUS9PKZ / CSS9PKZW Air Conditioner, EuropAce ESACS19VCU / ESACAS19VFC Air Conditioner, Mitsubishi Electric MUYGE10VA / MSYGEQ10VA Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOYG09LU / ASYG09LU Air Conditioner

Midea, Panasonic Air Conditioners listed are Midea MOA09CQC2 / MS9A09CR9A5 Air Conditioner, Panasonic CUC9PKZ / CSC9PKZW Air Conditioner, Panasonic CU2C18KKZ / CSC9PKZWX2 Air Conditioner, Panasonic CU3C20KKZ / CSC9PKZWX3 Air Conditioner

Also listed are EuropAce ESACM428 / ESACA09FCX2 + 12FC Air Conditioner, Sharp AUX3M24MV / AHXPC9MVX2 + AHXPCI12MV Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOAG18LAC2 / ASAG09LJX2 Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOAG24LAT3 / ASAG09LJX3 Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOAG30LAT4 / ASAG09LJX4 Air Conditioner, Panasonic CU2S18KKZ / CSS9PKZWX2 Air Conditoner, Panasonic CU3S27MKZ / CSS9PKZWX3 Air Conditioner, Panasonic CU4S27NKZ / CSS9PKZWX4 Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOAG18LAC2 / ASYG09LUX2 Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOAG24LAT3 / ASYG09LUX3 Air Conditioner, Fujitsu AOAG30LAT4 / ASYG09LUX4 Air Conditioner

LG Life’s Good – Designed to Reflect the Finer Things in Life. Made in Korea. 19dB Quietest. Highest Energy Efficiency. New 5-way Protection System. Premium Smart Service. Filtering, Deodorizing, Plasma, Ionizer, Auto Clean, One Touch Service for One Day Response, First in Industry. New ArtCool Platinum Beyond Art

LG Air Conditioners listed are LG A2UQ186FA3 / BMNC09G7BUOX2 Air Conditioner, LG A4UQ266FA3 / BMNC09G7BUOX2 + 12G7BUO Air Conditioner, LG A4UQ266FA3 / BMNC09G7BUOX4 Air Conditioner, LG A2UQ186FA3 / AMNC09GDBROX2 Air Conditioner, LGA4UQ266FA3 / AMNC09GDBROX3 Air Conditoner, LG A4UQ266FA3 / AMNC09GDBROX4 Air Conditioner, LG A2UQ186FA3 / AMNC09GDBWOX2 Air Conditioner, LG A4UQ266FA3 / AMNC09GDBWOX3 Air Conditioner, LG A4UQ266FA3 / AMNC09GDBWOX4 Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Air Purifiers

Portable Air Conditioners, Air Coolers listed are EuropAce EPAC12J Portable Air Conditioner, Honeywell MN10LES Portable Air Conditoner, EuropAce EAC392 Casement Air Conditioner, Honeywell CS10XE Air Cooler , EuropAce EC005 Air Cooler , Sona SAC6028 Honeycomb Air Cooler , Sona SAC6021 Air Cooler

Sharp – Pure Air, Pure Love. Good Health Begins with Good Indoor Air. Air Purifiers with Humidifying Function. Ion Generator – PCI for Beautiful Skin

Air Purifiers listed are Sharp KC-A40E Air Purifier, Sharp KC-A50E Air Purifier, Sharp FU-A80E Air Purifier, Sharp FU-A28E Air Purifier, Sharp IG-DM1E Ion Generator, Sharp IG-DK1E Ion Generator, Sharp FUY30E Air Purifier, Novita ND290i Dehumidfier, Novita ND322 Dehumidifier, Novita NH809 Humidifier, Novita NAP301 Air Purifier, Novita NAP611 Air Purifier, Sharp KC930EW Air Purifier and Sharp IGETCI Tower Fan


Instant Replacement, instant peace of mind! Enjoy a hassle-free exchange with no repairs required! Replace any defective appliances Instantly from as low as $9.90. Check with specialists for more details. Courtscover 1-for-1 exchange

Fans listed are Mistral MTF121M Fan, Mistral MPF12S Fan, EuropAce EPF2016 Fan, EuropAce EW9316 Fan, Sona SFW1526 Fan, KDK M40MS Fan, Sona SOF6055 Fan, Dyson AM01DM30SI Bladeless Fan and Panasonic F400CS Fan

Also listed are Morries MS40B Stand Fan, Sona S09 Stand Fan, EuropAce ESF2402 Stand Fan, Sona SFS1126 Stand Fan, Mistral MS1629R Stand Fan, EuropAce ESFL167 Stand Fan, Panasonic F407YS Stand Fan, KDK P40US Stand Fan, EuropAce ETF1129 Tower Fan, Mistral MFD368R Tower Fan, Dyson AM02DMWS Tower Fan, Mistral MLF14MFC Fan, Sona SSO6063 Oscillator Stand Fan, Mistral MDC35R DC Stand Fan, Panasonic F408HS Fan, KDK N30NH Fan and Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan


Widest Range of Fridges at The Lowest Prices. It is essential for your household to own the perfect Fridge with the right capacity that meets your storage need.

Apart from the ideal storage capacity, keep a lookout for Fridges that bear more ticks as this range aids you and family in using lesser energy consumption. Feel free to approach our specialists and they would be most happy to share great tips and pointers on selecting the right Fridge and how you can maintain your Fridge for a long term usage.

Purchase on Courts Flexi Plans and receive Free $750 Grogery Vouchers with purchase of $3999 and above (over 48 or 60 months); Free $450 grocery vouchers with purchase of $1999 – $3998 (over 48 or 60 months); Free $250 grocery vouchers with purchase of $1299 – $1998 (over 48 or 60 months)

LG Life’s Good, Presenting The Style of Convenience. There’s never a quicker and easier way to access what you need with LG reFridgerators. The revolutionary door-in-door design lets you access just the compartment you need. This minimizes the leakage of cool air, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Live life in style, conveniently. Upgrade Your Life.

Fridges – Be Covered, Stay Assured! Courts Cover Extended Warranty Plus. Warranty covers up to 5 years. Accidental Damage (One-time claim). Covers damage caused by physical impact or spillage of liquid. Covers cracked screens, lenses and glass panels. Power surge protection up to 3 years. Check with specialists for more details.

Life changes in 10 years, but your Fridge can stay the same. The new Samsung Two-Door Refrigerator is built to last long enough to see you through life’s different stages. This lasting relationship comes with a 10-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor which automatically adjusts its speeds to help you save energy, and keep food fresher for longer.

More great reasons to head down to Courts Cool Zone today! Extra Vouchers with Courts Flexi Plans

  • Free $750 Grocery vouchers with purchase of $3999 and above (over 48 or 60 months)
  • Free $450 Grocery vouchers with purchase of $1999 – $3998 (over 48 or 60 months)
  • Free $250 Grocery vouchers with purchase of $1299 – $1998 (over 48 or 60 months)

Free grocery vouchers on Courts Flexi Plans are applicable till 31 August 2013 and not to be used with other Courts Flexi Plans promotions. All applications are subjected to approval; in-house Flexi Plans and other policies apply, visit in-store for more details. Prices and promotions are valid till 31 August 2013.

All advertised prices include GST. Free 32″ LCD TV or Tablet or can only be redeemed after completion of installation. Courts reserves the right to substitute gifts of similar value if stocks runs out and while stocks last. Free gifts are not applicable with 0% IPP or any other promotions. Prices and merchandise are correct at the time of printing, while stocks last and subjected to change without prior notice.

Fridges listed are LG GRM482 Fridge, LG GRM602GLC Fridge, Samsung RL4013 Fridge, Sharp SJPC54P Fridge, Bosch KGN57A110T Fridge, Samsung RT35FDACDSL Fridge, Samsung RN405BRKA5K Fridge, Samsung RS552NRUA1J Fridge, Panasonic NRBY602XSSG Fridge, Samsung RT5982BTSSL Fridge, Electrolux ESE5608TARMY Fridge, LG GRL208BSW Fridge, Samsung RFG26MESL Fridge and Mitsubishi MRE52 Fridge

Also listed are Kadeka KSJ115EW Wine Cellar, Vintec ALV30SG2E Wine Cellar, EuropAce R131SSF Fridge, LG R131SSF Fridge,
Panasonic NRBU345SNSG Fridge, Samsung RT45TSGL Fridge, Sharp SJW355THS Fridge and SMEG FAB28RR Fridge

Courts Flexi Plans

Apply now to enjoy. 15-minute approval. No minimum income required. Interest rates from as low as 0.99% per month. Affordable monthly instalments. Flexible payment terms of 6-60 months.

Peace of mind with coverage. To apply for Courts Flexi Plans in just 15 minutes, head to any Courts store with your NRIC and latest payslip, maximum up to $2000 limit.

Courts Temper Cooler Service

Rattling and leaking air-conditioners can get you rather heated up. So do air-conditioners that blow hot and cold. It doesn’t matter if your air-conditioner was not purchased from us; we are here to help.

In fact, we will send our friendly crew over to offer advice on maintenance, servicing and even recommend air-conditioners best suited for your needs. It’s easy to keep cool, with an all-new Courts Temper Cooler service!

  • Air-con Maintenance Promotion – Cut out these coupons and enjoy these offers! Free One-Time Air-Con Maintenance Service with purchase of Air-Con Maintenance Service Package.
  • Air Treatment Promotion – 5% off Air Purifiers / Dehumidifiers / Humidifiers
  • Fan / Air Cooler Promotion – 5% off Fans / Air Coolers
  • Fridge Promotion – Free $50 Grocery Voucher with any Fridge purchase of $600 and above

Other terms and conditions apply.

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