7-Eleven S’pore New Seafood-Inspired Ready-to-Eat Delights from 3 Jan 2024

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Dive into an Ocean of Fortune

Your Ultimate Festive Feast Awaits with 7-Eleven’s New & Exclusive Seafood-Inspired Ready-to-Eat Delights

Get ready to ride the flavour waves this Chinese New Year as 7-Eleven unveils a mouthwatering menu inspired by the sea! Whether you’re planning a festive feast or want a fuss-free meal for your family reunion, 7-Eleven’s latest luxe 7-Select Seafood Ready-to-Eat range is here to make life easier so you can spend more time celebrating.

Kick back and relax with your loved ones this Chinese New Year with 7-Eleven’s incredibly indulgent yet convenient range of seafood dishes and on-the-go bites! Highlights include the all-new decadent 7-Select Lobster with Aglio Olio Pasta and Lobster with Thai Glass Noodles, both featuring premium Boston Lobster that is famous for its sweeter, softer meat. But that’s not all! Brace your taste buds for 7-Eleven’s Crab Meat Fried Rice that has real crab meat chunks! Treat yourself and your loved ones this Chinese New Year and indulge in these seafood sensations from 7-Select.

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Meet 7-Eleven S’pore’s CNY Seafood Showstoppers!

Ignite your taste buds with 7-Eleven’s exclusive Catch of the Day recommendations for an epic Chinese New Year flavour fiesta!

7-Select Lobster with Aglio Olio Pasta (RSP $16.80) – Lobster? Check. Garlicky goodness? Double-check. This is definitely not your average convenience store meal! Grab this limited-edition masterpiece featuring sweet and tender Boston Lobster lounging on a pasta bed made with fragrant, rich olive oil. Limited quantities are up for grabs, so dash to your nearest 7-Eleven for a taste of decadence.

7-Select Boston Lobster with Thai Glass Noodles (RSP $9.90) – Take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand with this luxurious seafood treat! Ordinary noodles are so last year – this dish is a symphony of flavours where succulent, sweet Boston hard-shell lobster mingles with crunchy, colourful vegetables in a savoury, stir-fried glass noodle base. With limited quantities available, act fast and experience the delightful flavours with every bite!

7-Select Crab Meat Fried Rice (RSP $5.90) – Calling all crab lovers! Dive into comfort with 7-Eleven’s Crab Meat Fried Rice, loaded with real crab meat chunks and crowned with crispy shallots. This is a fantastic flavour sensation that’ll leave you craving more.

7-Select Garlic Chili Salsa Fish with Pilaf Rice (RSP $5.90) – 7-Eleven’s salsa-topped whole Pangasius fish fillet, nestled on a bed of fluffy, flavourful pilaf rice, is here to spice up your life. The deliciously sweet yet spicy salsa, made with hot chilli, garlic and cilantro, guarantees a party in your mouth!

7-Select Prawn Butter Roll (RSP $3.90) – Indulge in a delightful bite on the go with 7-Eleven’s Prawn Butter Roll. Imagine classic buttery toasted buns embracing tender, marinated whole prawns and topped with a refreshingly light mayo dressing. It’s a treat you won’t want to miss!

Slurp-worthy Soup-based Treats to Kickstart Your CNY

No festive spread is truly complete without a heartwarming bowl of soup. That’s where these 7-Select culinary creations come into play, adding a delicious touch to your celebrations.

7-Select Seafood Pao Fan (RSP $6.00) – Ready for a comforting hug from 7-Eleven’s Seafood Pao Fan? 7-Eleven’s twist on “Poached Rice” brings together puffed and crispy rice, prawns, and clams, creating a harmony of flavours that’ll tickle your taste buds and elevate your CNY feast.

7-Select Shrimp Wonton Soup (RSP $3.90) – This classic dish is a must-try! Picture juicy whole prawn wontons taking a dip in a tasty, savoury soup – a delightful family favourite that promises to warm hearts and satisfy cravings throughout the festive season.

7-Select Shrimp Ramen (RSP $6.00) – Japanese-style broth meets Chinese-style “La Mian” in this fusion delight, featuring succulent baked shrimp. Get ready to slurp loud and proud as you dive into a bowl packed with flavours from the best of both worlds.

7-Select English Chowder Soup (RSP $3.90) – Guess what’s making a triumphant return to 7-Eleven’s menu? It’s 7-Eleven’s beloved Clam Chowder! Thick, creamy and full of flavour, it’s ready to reclaim its title as the ultimate comfort food.

Grab, Munch, Repeat – Unleash the Handheld Treats!

Ready to snack like you’ve never snacked before? Head to your nearest 7-Eleven and make these handheld treats the stars of your munching moments this CNY.

7-Select Seafood Salad Onigiri (RSP $2.80) – Take your taste buds on a trip with 7-Eleven’s Seafood Salad Onigiri – a magical blend of crawfish, octopus, and squid in a creamy, irresistible sauce encased in a satisfying rice ball.

7-Select Mala Clams Onigiri (RSP $2.80) – Spice up your snacking game with 7-Eleven’s Mala Clams Onigiri! Tender and chewy clam meat dipped in 7-Eleven’s mouth-watering mala sauce, all wrapped in a fluffy rice ball.

7-Select Crab + Egg Salad Double Combo Sandwich (RSP $3.90) – Brace yourself for a double delight! Real crab meat chunks join forces with egg salad in this sandwich sensation. Perfect for a quick breakfast or a gratifying bite on the run – it’s a flavour-packed combo that won’t disappoint.

7-Select Snow Crabstick in Chili Crab Sauce Wrap (RSP $3.90) – 7-Eleven is giving the classic Singaporean crab dish a 7-Eleven twist! Sink your teeth into 7-Eleven’s Snow Crabstick Wrap featuring chilli crab sauce. It’s a flavour explosion that’ll have you coming back for more.

7-Select Chicken with Cream Clam Sauce Burger (RSP $3.90) – 7-Eleven’s Chicken with Cream Clam Sauce Burger is here to redefine your burger experience! Decadent, savoury, and a fusion of the best from land and sea. It’s not just a burger; it’s a celebration in every bite!

But wait, there’s more! From 3 to 30 Jan 2024, you can enjoy even more savings. Get $0.40 off (a 10% discount!) on 7-Select Shrimp Wonton Soup when you buy any of the items mentioned above.

For product details, please refer to this summary table:

7-Select Lobster with Aglio Olio Pasta$16.80
7-Select Boston Lobster with Thai Glass Noodles$9.90
7-Select Crab Meat Fried Rice$5.90
7-Select Garlic Chili Salsa Fish with Pilaf Rice$5.90
7-Select Prawn Butter Roll$3.90
7-Select Seafood Pao Fan$6.00
7-Select Shrimp Wonton Soup$3.90
7-Select Shrimp Ramen$6.00
7-Select English Chowder Soup$3.90
7-Select Seafood Salad Onigiri$2.80
7-Select Mala Clams Onigiri$2.80
7-Select Crab + Egg Salad Double Combo Sandwich$3.90
7-Select Snow Crabstick in Chili Crab Sauce Wrap$3.90
7-Select Chicken with Cream Clam Sauce Burger$3.90

All items (except for onigiri) are halal certified. The onigiris do not contain pork or lard.

More promotions and updates can also be found on the official 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.

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