(EXPIRED) Cold Storage: Abalone, Steamboat, Fruits, Snacks and other offers till 31 Jan 2022

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Starts27 Jan 2022 (Thu)Ends31 Jan 2022 (Mon)
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CNY Offers at Cold Storage

Some of the offers are also available online at www.coldstorage.com.sg.

Listed are (prices in image below)

  1. UMI Crabstick Crisps Original/Corn Potage 60g U.P. Any 2 $11.00
  2. LOVES FLOWER Jelly Assorted 50g x 10s U.P. $6.50
  3. M&M’s Funsize Chocolates 175.5g – 240g U.P. $6.10
  4. KITKAT Chunky Mini 250g U.P. $6.95
  5. WHITTAKER’S Chocolate Sharepack Assorted 180g U.P. $7.80
  6. THE GOLDEN DUCK Gift Box 430g U.P $29.20
  7. Premium Sea Cucumber U.P. $49.90
  8. NEW MOON Golden Ring Roll 180g U.P. 2 For $8.50
  9. EVERBEST Ring Roll 168g U.P. 2 For $9.00
  10. SWANSON Chicken Broth 3 x 1L U.P. $11.70
  11. HAI DI LAO Hot Pot Seasoning Assorted 110g – 220g U.P. Any 2 $7.60
  12. KEWPIE Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing 1L U.P. $15.80
  13. Cherries Australia 500g Per Punnet U.P $26.95 Each
  14. AFRICAN BLUE Blueberries South Africa 125g Per Punnet U.P. 2 For $10.90
  15. Shine Muscat Grapes Korea 450g Per Punnet U.P. $19.95
  16. Navel Oranges Sunkist USA U.P. 3 For $5.70
  17. Cabbage Yuan Xiao Bai China 100g U.P. 38
  18. Fresh Salmon Fillet Tasmania 100g U.P. $3.79
  19. Angus Grass Fed Beef Stir Fry / Cubes 100g U.P. $2.90 – $3.10
  20. BETA BITES Snacking Carrots New Zealand 250g Per Pack U.P. $4.95
  21. EVERGOOD Sausages Assorted 13oz Per Pack U.P. Any 2 $21.90
  22. BBQ Crispy Pork Belly U.P. $10.95 Each
  23. Yong Chun Lukan Gift Pack China 18 pieces U.P. $12.80
  24. Longmen Swatow Mandarins Gift Pack China U.P. $18.80
  25. FARGGI FRASCO Ice Cream Assorted 450ml U.P. $9.95
  26. CJ Bibigo Mandu Spicy Pork 500g U.P. $10.90
  27. LINDT EXCELLENCE Chocolate Bar Assorted lOOg U.P. Any 2 $12.90
  28. WAKASHO Chia Seed Jelly Assorted 175g – 205g U.P. Any 2 $12.40/$12.80
  29. KOKA Cup Noodles Assorted 70g U.P.Any 2 $2.50
  30. PENFOLDS Koonunga Hill Wine Assorted Australia 75cl U.P. $34.00
  31. KLEENEX 3-Ply Facial Tissues Assorted 5×80- 100 Sheets U.P. Any 2 $12.20
  32. NEW MOON New Zealand Abalone 425g U.P. $45.80
  33. FLYING WHEEL Abalone with Black Truffles/Teriyaki 425g U.P. $19.90
  34. SKYLIGHT New Zealand Abalone 425g U.P. $45.00
  35. NEW MOON Cold Storage Special Gift Set (New Zealand Abalone 425g + Pacific Clams 425g + Superior Fish Maw Soup 400g) U.P. $50.80
  36. ON KEE Braised / Scallop Abalone 180g U.P. $10.90 Each
  37. ON KEE Wine Snack Abalone Platinum Series 540g U.P. $33.80

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While stocks last. Availability differs from store to store. No traders allowed. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Trimmings and props are not included. Exclusion list applies. Prices shown are correct at time of printing. Cold Storage reserve the right to change or modify the products and promotions, at any time, without prior notice. For promotions, product and store information, visit: www.coldstorage.com.sg. Other terms and conditions apply.

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