Growthwell Foods has launched a new plant-based food range – HAPPIEE!

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Growthwell Foods, a leading manufacturer of plant-based alternatives for meat and seafood for the Southeast Asian market, has launched HAPPIEE!. With a motto of “Eat Good, Feel Good,”, this plant-based range aims to spread positivity to the world and inspire consumers to pick up active lifestyles.

HAPPIEE! is manufactured at Growthwell’s Innovation and R&D Manufacturing Centre, which is located at JTC Foodhub Senoko. The manufacturing facility is Singapore’s first fully automated large-scale production line for plant-based products. Highlights of the facility include Singapore’s first production-scale High Moisture Extrusion (HME) line owned by a local SME. This HME technology will enable Growthwell to significantly improve the texture of its plant-based meat and seafood products.

Create a multitude of HAPPIEE! moments at the dining table with the offerings. The alternative meats and seafood/fish do not compromise on taste and yet offer the same texture and mouthfeel as the real things. Great tasting and affordable, HAPPIEE! makes it easy for you to embrace a plant-based diet; in turn, you can do your part to reduce carbon footprint, preserve water and land and save the planet!

With four products in range, the ‘chicken’ products (soy-based) consist of HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Nuggets and HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Popcorn while the ‘seafood’ products (made from konjac) consists of HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Sticks and HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Patties. Great as a meal or snacks, these new plant-based range are free of trans fat!

HAPPIEE! is now available at selected FairPrice and Cold Storage outlets and each product is normally priced at $8.45/pack, except for Fishiee Patties, which is priced at $5.25/pack.

PROMOTION: From now to 27 January, all HAPPIEE! products are priced at $6.95 (Fishiee Patties at $8.95 for 2), and $7.95 from 28 January to 28 February (Fishiee Patties at $4.95 for 1). This promotion is only valid at FairPrice*.

Chickiee NuggetsFairPrice14 Jan to 27 Jan’22$6.9528 Jan to 28 Feb’22$7.95
Chickiee PopcornFairPrice14 Jan to 27 Jan’22$6.9528 Jan to 28 Feb’22$7.95
Fishiee SticksFairPrice14 Jan to 27 Jan’22$6.9528 Jan to 28 Feb’22$7.95
Fishiee PattiesFairPrice14 Jan to 27 Jan’222 for $8.9528 Jan to 28 Feb’22$4.95

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Sticks S$8.45

The culinary possibilities with this ingredient are endless. Make a delicious and filling Wasabi Mayo Fish Wrap with Fishiee Fingers. Or wrap them with fresh tomatoes and lettuce in a taco shell!

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Patty S$5.25

Build your very own vegan burger with this patty. Add on mushrooms, mixed greens and sandwich the ingredients between slightly toasted buns!

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Popcorn S$8.45

The perfect accompaniment for a movie marathon! Whip up a vegan rendition of the classic sweet-and-sour chicken with this versatile ingredient. Or sneak them into salads for a more indulgent treat.

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Nuggets S$8.45

These snacks are now guilt-free and more nutritious! Dip them in your favourite sauces. Top them with marinara sauce and a blanket of cheese to make your own chicken nugget parmesan.

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  • While stock last

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