Impossible™ Beef is now available islandwide at Cold Storage, Giant and Market Place outlets

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Impossible Foods has expanded its grocery store footprint in Singapore with leading retailer Dairy Farm Group.

Impossible™ Beef is now available nationwide at Cold Storage, Giant and Market Place outlets across the island. This expansion comes on the heels of two price drop announcements earlier this year and is part of Impossible Foods’ long-term goal to transform the global food system by making its products accessible and affordable for as many Singaporeans as possible.

Further, in celebration of Earth Month, Impossible Beef will be available for $9.90 per 340g pack from 25th March until 22nd April – dropping below $10.00 for the very first time in Singapore. If 500,000 people pledge to eat one meal a week for the whole of April using Impossible™ Beef Made From Plants instead of beef from a cow, Singapore will be able to collectively reduce its environmental footprint by the equivalent of 768,400 trees worth of land or 497,200 days of personal water use.

The Impossible Beef is nutritious and versatile in all ground meat recipes. From stews, meatballs and dumplings to all cuisines from Chinese to Italian, it is easy to cook up on a BBQ grill, oven, steamer or sauté pan. It also contains no cholesterol, animal hormones, no antibiotics and is a good source of protein and fibre.

While enjoying delicious, home-cooked dishes made with Impossible Beef, consumers can appreciate the low carbon footprint of a plant-based diet. A 113g serving size of Impossible Beef uses 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% less greenhouse gasses compared to ground beef from a cow. This means a saving of 7 square meters of land, 3 kg of CO2, and 84 litres of water for each serving consumed.

Find your nearest Cold Storage outlet here. Find your nearest Giant outlet here

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