KFC S’pore launches new Zhng Zinger from 21 Oct 2022

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Born on your social feed. Perfected in the kitchen

How did the most epic Zinger come to life? Not how we expected. It all began with a little suggestion from @zakiv4 on how to ‘zhng’ the Zinger: add onion rings, fiery red sauce, and sliced cheese. It didn’t stop there. Within days, it seems everyone on TikTok wanted a piece of this ‘zhnged’ Zinger.

So KFC brought this burger to life… and perfected it, by adding white bbq sauce and sweet pickles for flavour and balance.

Zhng Zinger

The NEW KFC ‘Zhng’ Zinger

It features KFC’s Signature Zinger fillet, crunchy onion rings, cheddar cheese, sweet pickles, smoky white BBQ Sauce and fiery sauce for an extra oomph. All these amazing ingredients sandwiched between two soft oat bran buns. You’ll be sure to expect both fantastic flavours and texture from this burger.

Available for a limited only from 21 October onwards. Enjoy the new KFC ‘Zhng’ Zinger at a KFC near you or have it delivered straight to your doorstep!

Terms and Conditions

Limited time offer. While stocks last. KFC ‘Zhng’ Zinger is not available at KFC Singapore Zoo. Meal bundles and pricing differ at selected KFC restaurants and KFC Delivery. Visuals are for illustration only.

Find your nearest KFC outlet here or order online via www.kfc.com.sg.

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