McDonald’s brings back Samurai burgers along with Seaweed Shaker Fries and Matcha desserts from 25 July 2019

Featured image for McDonald's brings back Samurai burgers along with Seaweed Shaker Fries and Matcha desserts from 25 July 2019
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This familiar hero needs no introduction.

Coming back every year over the last decade, the legendary samurai has now become one of us. Joining him too are seasoned sidekicks Seaweed Shaker Fries and Creamy Herb Chicken Pie, along with well-loved Matcha desserts — back to satisfy taste buds. So ready your bellies and come face-to-face with these heroes at McDonald’s.

Samurai Beef Burger

Ever loyal to its original recipe, the Samurai Beef Burger packs a formidable bite with a juicy quarter-pound beef patty dipped in signature teriyaki sauce, complete with crisp lettuce and a finishing touch of creamy mayonnaise.

Allergen information: Samurai Beef Burger contains wheat, egg and soybean.

Samurai Chicken Burger

Wielding a flavourful punch no less powerful, the Samurai Chicken Burger comes with a grilled chicken patty generously coated in the same sweet-savoury teriyaki sauce.

Allergen information: Samurai Chicken Burger contains wheat, egg and soybean.

Seaweed Shaker Fries

Who says sidekicks can’t shine on their own? Never underestimate the unstoppable force of these golden fries sprinkled with seaweed goodness.

Allergen information: Seaweed Shaker Fries contain soybean and wheat.

Matcha Dip McFlurry®

The cool yin to the samurai’s spirited yang. This newest addition to the clan boasts a classic vanilla soft-serve, whirled up with crunchy cone crumbs and matcha bits.

Allergen information: Matcha Dip McFlurry® contains milk, soybean, nuts and sulfites.

Matcha Cone/Twist Cone

Savour the sweet taste of victory with the Matcha band of desserts! Prepare to be impressed by their smooth twists and swirls of matcha flavoured soft-serve. Only available at Dessert Kiosks.

Allergen information: Matcha Cone/Twist Cone contains milk, soybean, wheat, gluten, sulfites. Matcha ChocoCone® contains milk, soybean, wheat, gluten, sulfites. Matcha Hot Fudge Sundae contains milk, soybean.

Creamy Herb Chicken Pie

Don’t be fooled by its simple flaky crust. Watch out for the colourful creamy blast of chicken, potatoes, peas and mushrooms when you take on this savoury pie.

Allergen information: Creamy Herb Chicken Pie contains wheat, egg, milk and soybean.


Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Featured products may contain allergens.

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