NTUC FairPrice offers seafood at lower-than-wet-market prices during Lunar New Year period

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(This is a media release)

Following recent media reports on limited supply coupled with rising prices of seafood amidst the festive season, FairPrice continues to provide exceptional value on popular fresh seafood including Chinese Pomfret, Red Grouper, Spotted Rabbitfish and Tiger Prawns.

Based on its latest internal market surveys[1], FairPrice is offering seafood as low as half the price of what is currently being offered generally at wet markets.

Wet Market vs. FPVariance
S/No.Fish & SeafoodWet Market
(Per Kg)
FP (Per Kg)FP Specifications$%
1Chinese Pomfret$ 80.00$ 48.90L (400 – 600g)$ 31.1063.6%
2White Pomfret$ 55.00$ 39.90300 – 400g$ 15.1037.8%
3Red Grouper$ 80.00$ 35.90M (1.2 kg above)$ 44.10122.8%
4Spotted Rabbitfish$ 22.00$ 15.90200 – 300g$ 6.1038.4%
5Grey Prawn$ 28.00$ 15.90XL (38 to 42 pcs/Kg)$ 12.1076.1%
6Tiger Prawn$ 28.00$ 21.90XL (38 to 42 pcs/Kg)$ 6.1027.9%
7Ang Kar Prawn$ 40.00$ 36.90XL (38 to 42 pcs/Kg)$ 3.108.4%

Products are available while stocks last.

FairPrice urges shoppers to only buy what they need for their personal consumption so as many customers as possible are able to enjoy these popular festive products which are offered at very competitive prices.

FairPrice sources fresh fish and seafood from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia. As a major supermarket retailer, it continues to work closely with its suppliers to ensure food remains available at affordable prices.

[1] Internal price survey conducted across wet markets located across Singapore on 10 January 2023

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