Cobbler shoe repair service in Fernvale, Sengkang area (Valid as of 19 Jul 2017) UPDATED 19 Jul 2017

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If you are looking around for a cheap cobbler service in Sengkang, Punggol, Fernvale, Buangkok or Hougang, there’s a neighbourhood cobbler repair shop at Fernvale near Fernvale LRT.

The shop is attended to by an old man and there’s a ice cream stall beside it as well.

Do note that you may have to wait for some time for the services to be done. For example, a sole sewing service for two shoes took 1.5 hours at $12. You may want to hang around at Seletar Mall in the meantime

Valid as of 19 Jul 2017

Opening Hours

  • 10am to 5pm daily
  • Closed on Mondays

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