Sea Horse Singapore Up to 70% Off From 1 May 2024

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Sea Horse Singapore has an up to 70% off sale on a wide range of products

This limited-time offer starts from 1 May 2024, inviting customers to take advantage of the significant savings on high-quality mattresses, bed frames, and more.

For detailed information on discounts, customers are encouraged to visit the nearest Sea Horse outlet. The sale features a variety of products, including:

  • Sea Horse Air Pillow P-AIR4L-4-5V
  • Mattress Pad (Everlast Foam) V-PAD-EVE-36-75-2NV
  • Healthy 3 Fold Mattress HEA-Q-3F-36-75-231V
  • My Pocket Spring Mattress MY-POC-60-75V
  • My Versatile Mattress MY-VER-36-75-431V
  • Sea Horse Mattress (Latex-like grade) SEA-ALL-60-75-866V
  • Finland / New Zealand Solid Wood Bed Frame KD07A-2D-6075-HV
  • HECOM Part Leather Bed BED36C-QQ-6075
  • HECOM Part Leather Sofa (2 Seater) SOF26KD Z QQ AR BRN + SOF26KD-Z-QQ-ADD-BRN + SOF26KD-Z-QQ-ADD-BRN
  • Sofa Bed SB56-QQ-P-CAM

Customers can click on the image below to enlarge and view the exquisite range of products available during this festive sale.

How to Shop

Aside from in-store shopping, customers can also purchase items online through various platforms:

Sea Horse Singapore outlets are conveniently located across the island, ensuring that everyone has easy access to the sale. As of 1 January 2024, you can find Sea Horse outlets at the following locations:

  • Century Square, #03-13
  • Compass One, #04-17
  • Westgate Mall, #03-42
  • Bedok Mall, # B1-60
  • Junction 8 Shopping Centre, #03-02A
  • Lot One Shoppers Mall, #03-15
  • Causeway Point, #04-12
  • Chinatown Point, #02-04
  • Jurong Point, #03-16
  • Nex, #03-18

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