Robot Kitty Singapore Tickets Available From 11 Apr 2016

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To all Hello Kitty fans, realise your engineering dream! Robot Kitty Singapore featuring an exuberant display of photo attractions, interactive gaming departments, exclusive memorabilia and an autograph session for all Hello Kitty enthusiasts will be happening in Singapore from 11 June 2016

Hello Kitty is going high-tech this holiday season! Come 11 June 2016, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre will be home to Robot Kitty Singapore, where avid fans can look forward to a quest in becoming engineers at the Sanrio Robotics Institute.

After successful runs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai, this invigorating showcase will be staged in Hall 403 for 11 days.

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  1. Missions made possible for you to ace in Sanrio Robotics Institute!
  2. All-inclusive wholesome fun for everyone
  3. Meet the designer of Hello Kitty in person!
  4. A myriad display of memorabilia for your picking!
  5. Event Information
  6. Ticketing Information
  7. Event Map
  8. 5 Interactive Gaming Departments
    1. Design Department
    2. Component Department
    3. Quality Control Department
    4. Repair Department
    5. Energy Department
  9. First look at Sanrio Robot Institute via its Photo Attractions!

Missions made possible for you to ace in Sanrio Robotics Institute!

The focal highlights of this futuristic event lies within its 5 Interactive Gaming Departments, of which each of them not only serve as a photo attraction in itself, but are well equipped with unique individual missions for Kitty’s engineers-to-be to undertake.

With an aim for these engineers to be rewarded with interesting parts/accessories upon completion, the challenge whirls around accumulating “Koins” via each interactive gaming department by using the Robot K. The redeemed parts/accessories can then be used to “dress up” the Robot K, much to the satisfaction of the engineers.

The 5 Interactive Gaming Departments are segregated into departments namely Design, Quality Control, Repair, Component and Energy being the final pit stop. Passing each of these departments will require engineers to perform tasks involving some quick coordination of the hands, sense of balance, accuracy and a bit of wit, all within a limited time frame. The Repair Department in particular, engineers will have to try their level best to revive the malfunctioned Robot K via a pair of defibrillators.

A game manual will come in handy to guide the engineers through each interactive gaming department, offering some heads-up and tips along the way. Be sure to keep a close lookout for the “Robot A” Check Points as these counters serves to display the engineers’ accumulated “Koins”, crucial to what they are able to redeem.

All-inclusive wholesome fun for everyone

Standard open dated admission tickets are priced at S$28.00 for Adults, S$14.00 for Children between the age of 3 to 11 years and for Senior Citizen aged 65 years and above.

Don’t miss Early Bird discounts from 11 April to 21 April 2016. Adult tickets are priced at S$22.00 and Child & Senior Citizens at S$11.00 during the Early Bird period!! Each of the admission ticket will come with a Gaming Card.

The Gaming Card can only be used for experience purposes without the ability to accumulate any “Koins”. The Robot K on the other hand can be purchased at S$38.00 and S$30.00 during the Early Bird period. Purchasing of tickets can be done via Robot Kitty’s official website and selected retail partner stores.

Meet the designer of Hello Kitty in person!

On 20 June, fans will get the opportunity to meet the designer of Hello Kitty, Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi in person at the Exhibition.

At the autograph session, a selected few will receive her signature with a hand sketch of Hello Kitty! You would not want to miss this chance! Please stay tuned for the details.

A myriad display of memorabilia for your picking!

Merchandise exclusive to the event shall be made available strictly to ticketholders and one major highlight to look out for will be the collectible figurines with interchangeable parts, LED umbrellas, luggage, metal-covered organizers and a kids’ line, a Mighty Eight’s first.

Event Information

  • Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 403
  • Dates: 11 June to 21 June 2016
  • Time: 10am to 8pm

This will be an open-dated admission ticket. Admission ticket allows visitors for one entry to any day during the event period.

Ticketing Information

Early Bird Admission Ticket (11 April to 21 April 2016)

Child (3 – 11 years inclusive)S$11.00
Senior Citizen (65 years and above)S$11.00
Robot KS$30.00

*All prices listed are subjected to 7% GST.

Standard Admission Ticket

Child (3 – 11 years inclusive)S$14.00
Senior Citizen (65 years and above)S$14.00
Robot KS$38.00

*All prices listed are subjected to 7% GST.

An Admission Ticket comes with a Gaming Card which allows you and entry to the main event. The card entitles you to play for one round at each of the 5 Interactive Gaming Departments. As this gaming card is for experience purposes only however, visitors will not able to accumulate “Koins” or redeem any parts/accessories

Visitors with the Gaming Card will not be allowed to recharge. The gaming card will be required to be returned at the check- out point. A S$20 penalty fee will be incurred for loss of gaming card.

Robot K is a gaming device figurine that entitles you to play for one round at each of the 5 Interactive Gaming Departments. It can be purchased in addition to your standard admission ticket.

Upon activation at the check-in counter, you will have the ability to accumulate gaming points also known as “Koins”. The Robot K (gaming device figurine) is 20cm tall about the size of 2 Fuji apples stacked on top of one another.

With the accumulated “Koins”, you are then able to redeem parts/accessories at the end of the game play which can be used to enrich the look of your Robot K.

Players can have the option to recharge their Robot K with a fee of S$15.00 on the same day of their admission at Recharge Counters which will entitle them to play for another round at each of the 5 Interactive Gaming Departments.

Event Map

5 Interactive Gaming Departments

Design Department

  • Department Head: Melody
  • Assistant: Kuromi
  • Mission: Challenge your sense of balance!

A designer should be able to strike overall body balance in order to position Robot K’s accessories correctly. You are required to use the ribbon controller to align all the different Robot K’s parts in the right places!

As the controller is very sensitive, you must make small and delicate movements in order to pass this department!

Kitty Da VinKI Tip: This may yet be one of the toughest game department to clear! As there will be parts come flying down, engineers will need to carefully look at Robot K’s ribbon and carefully align the helmet according to that.

Component Department

  • Department Head: Monkichi
  • Assistant: Friends
  • Mission: Put your brain juices to the test to assemble the missing parts in Robot K!

This station will test for your sheer accuracy and motor skills. By using your hands, legs and eye coordination, you will need to cut the missing parts by using a joystick and a foot pedal. Missing components inside Robot K are shown as silhouettes. You will need to memorise the parts beforehand.

In the next screen page, moulds of parts will be shown. You are then required to move the joystick to aim at the missing parts and using your foot to step on the pedal to cut the parts. The screen will also indicate the time accumulated for any mistakes made.

Kitty Da VinKI Tip: When the laser pointer is closer to the parts you wish to have them cut, keep your foot on the pedal in order to complete the action in double quick time.

Quality Control Department

  • Department Head: Keroppi
  • Assistant: Friends
  • Mission: Search for the Fake Robot K!

There has been some mischief going around here! A handful of naughty friends are disguised as Robot K! Use your wit to remove the imposters off the production belt!
In this department, you will need to ‘tickle’ the Robot K on the conveyor belt by using your hands.

This will in turn make the genuine Robot K smile. This way, you will be able to identify and isolate the fake Robot K. Immediately hit on the “out” button to remove them from the line-up.

Kitty Da VinKI Tip: You may require the help of your friends to assist you! Be sure to press the button and not tap on the screen!

Repair Department

  • Department Head: Batdz-maru
  • Assistant: Friends
  • Mission: Rescue the Malfunctioned Robot K!

Oh no! Robot K has malfunctioned! It is all up to you to resurrect it! You will need to shake the device that acts as a defibrillator to charge it up. Once charged, the malfunctioned part will immediately light up.

You will need to place the defibrillator at the malfunctioned part to resurrect it. Keep charging and repeating the action to pass the game!

Kitty Da VinKI Tip: Shake the widest area of the defibrillator for a quicker charge-up. Keep your eyes on the screen as to not miss the timing.

Energy Department

Department Head: Strawberry King

Time to power up!

Welcome to the final and crucial mission! Here, you will be required to conjure as much energy to gain for extra “Koins”! And if you are lucky enough, a press of a button can land you a jackpot. Your redemption for unique parts and accessories lies here.

This is the last game zone and its special as you can earn up to 5X “Koins”! You will need to hit on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons equally within the designated time frame. The more the hits, the more the “Koins” and if you are lucky enough, the bigger the jackpot multiplier!

Kitty Da VinKI Tip: It will be a matter of speed when you are hitting the “+” and “-” buttons. You may ask your friends to help you out!

First look at Sanrio Robot Institute via its Photo Attractions!

The futuristic entrance to the event, set to welcome guests on 11 June 2016.

Badtz-maru using all his gears and tools in his lab, standing by for action.

Two of the malfunctioned Robot K patiently awaits their turn to get treated.

Keroppi and friends are working hard on the conveyor belt to ensure a glitch- free production!

The futuristic car, Go-Fish! is making its debut here!

This stylized red ribbon has been Hello Kitty’s signature trademark ever since the character came into creation.

Further details and updates on Robot Kitty Singapore can be found at

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