COE Prices in July 2024’s First Bidding Reflect Market Shifts

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The first Open Bidding Exercise for Certificates of Entitlement (COE) in July 2024 concluded on 3 July at 16:00.

The latest bidding results reveal notable changes across various vehicle categories, reflecting a dynamic market influenced by fluctuating demand and regulatory measures. With the COE system being a key component in regulating the number of vehicles on Singapore’s roads, these fluctuations are closely monitored by both consumers and industry stakeholders.

In this exercise, COE prices have seen significant variances, providing insights into the shifting landscape of the automotive market. Notably, Category B has experienced a considerable decrease of $1,433, bringing its new COE price to $100,901. In contrast, Category E, which applies to all vehicles except motorcycles, has seen an increase of $889, reaching a new price of $100,889.

CategoryPrevious COE ($)New COE ($)Difference ($)
ANon-fully electric cars ≤ 1,600cc or ≤ 97kW (130bhp); Fully electric cars ≤ 110kW (147bhp)90,88991,001+112
BNon-fully electric cars > 1,600cc or > 97kW (130bhp); Fully electric cars > 110kW (147bhp)102,334100,901-1,433
CGoods Vehicle & Bus69,90070,001+101
EOpen – All Except Motorcycle100,000100,889+889

Category A, which includes non-fully electric cars with engines up to 1,600cc and Maximum Power Output up to 97kW (130bhp), and fully electric cars with Maximum Power Output up to 110kW (147bhp), saw a slight increase of $112. Similarly, Category C, covering goods vehicles and buses, experienced a modest rise of $101, setting the new COE price at $70,001.

Category D, designated for motorcycles, observed a minor decrease of $102, bringing its COE price to $8,900.

For those keen to understand the broader trends and historical fluctuations in COE prices, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) provides comprehensive historical data. This detailed information is crucial for prospective vehicle buyers and industry analysts to make informed decisions. Interested parties can access this data here.

This information is sourced from the authoritative Land Transport Authority, ensuring that the latest updates and detailed insights are readily available for the public.

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