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Publication of your event or news is generally FREE* (*subject to editors’ panel’s decision to be newsworthy).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my promotion? Please use the form below

Do we need to pay for our news to be published? If it has been rejected, we will usually offer the Standard Paid Posting option. You can also opt for it when submitting the promotion.

How to ensure our news gets published for free? It depends on the editorial review on its newsworthiness and quality of submission.

Do you post your promotions on your facebook/twitter page? It is at the discretion of the editors panel. However, we do accept paid postings

What if our promotion has been rejected? We will usually offer the Standard Paid Posting option

Can i e-mail you directly? For non-submission related matters, click here to e-mail us.

Submit Your Promotion

Please fill in the form below. Submit news as EARLY as possible for us to prepare them ahead of the time. We adhere to any embargos stated strictly.

When submitting, be detailed and include a marketing write-up or press release. Also include an image (such as poster/press ad/etc).

The following are NOT ELIGIBLE for Free Postings

  1. Facebook Live Auctions, Biddings, Shows
  2. Lucky Draws, giveaways, contests, etc
  3. Share-to-win, Like-to-win, Comment-to-win, Snap-to-win, etc
  4. Any alcohol related offers

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