GOG EA Games 60% Off Ultima Series, Wing Commander, Dungeon Keeper & More 2 – 6 Nov 2012

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Get the classic Ultima series, Populous, Wing Commander, Syndicate, Theme Hospital, SimCity 2000, and twenty more EA games at 60% off at www.gog.com!

Found 30 years ago, EA is now one of the worlds biggest supplier of computer games and a synonymous of a gaming industry giant. As such, it offers a variety of titles from every and any possible genre. This weekend a Massive EA Selection of games is available 60% off on www.gog.com.

Let’s look at some of the games that put the “A” in EA!

Richard Gariott’s Ultima remains an icon of computer RPGs, and many gamers consider Ultima 7 to be the best entry in the entire series. Our Complete Edition includes all four chapters of the game–The Black Gate, Forge of Virtue, Serpent Isle and The Silver Seed–in one handy DRM-free package. Become the virtuous Avatar, the savior of Britannia, to discover the origin of many strange occurrences spreading across the land and to stop the mysterious malicious entity, known as the Guardian, from pushing the world into its doom.

With countless hours of deep and satisfying gameplay, this one is a must for all the RPG fans! There’s no reason to stop at lucky number seven, though. The whole Ultima series–including the groundbreaking 3D dungeon crawler: Ultima Underworld 1+2–is on promo, so you can experience every single adventure of the Avatar (formerly know as “the Stranger”) 60% off!

What Ultima is to RPGs, the Wing Commander series is to the space sim genre. Follow the story of the war between Terrans and the feline menace Kilrathi in Wing Commander 1+2 and Wing Commander 3: Heart of Tiger, then once the world is over and a shaky alliance is formed with the cat-like aliens, face new enemies threatening the Confederation in Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom.

The 3rd and 4th installments of the series use full motion video cut scenes to tell its elaborate stories and feature big names such as Mark Hamill, Malcolm MacDowell, and John Rhys-Davies as the Wing Commander universe prominent characters. You can also choose your own fate and pursue your goals as a mercenary, a trader, or even a space pirate in the series’ popular open-ended spin-off, Wing Commander: Privateer. With the creator of Wing Commander series back in the game, and his Star Citizen on the way, it’s a good time to revisit those wonderful games!

Not a space-sim or RPG fan? More of an armchair general? Not a problem! Thare’s plenty of trategic/managarial games in our Massive EA Selection, as well!Populous is the original “god game”, giving you the ability to shape the world and the fates of its inhabitants in a multi-layered strategic gameplay. Syndicate does pretty much the same thing, using the means of brutal corporate rivalry, cyber-implant technology, and espionage in a dark, dystopian future. Theme Hospital puts you in charge of a high-profile medical facility, making you–once again–the master of life and death. Finally, Sim City 2000 SE makes you the mayor of an aspiring virtual town, that wishes to develop into a metropoly.

That’s just a little taste of our Massive EA Selection. Head out to the promo page to find out what 20 other great EA titles you can get 60% off this weekend on www.gog.com!

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