Fatcow & Dreamhost Web Hosting Spec-To-Spec Comparison UPDATED 26 Jun 2011

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Most of you would have come here pondering about which web hosting company to sign up with – FatCow and DreamHost Web Hosting. Both offer impressive specifications of their plans.

All looks almost equal – even in the clean energy area, both web hosting companies try to outdo each other with FatCow claiming to use Wind Energy to power its servers, and DreamHost being carbon neutral.

Clearly both companies are overselling. It’s a common marketing strategy adopted by the web hosting industry to satisfy the high and low resource clients.

This article concentrates on some of the differences you don’t see on the surface – that’s till you sign up onto their plans and part with your money and time.

Let’s start off with a quick comparison chart that doesn’t show much differences:

Disk SpaceUnlimited*Unlimited*
POP MailboxesUnlimited*Unlimited*
Domain NameFreeFree
One-click InstallsYesYes
Subversion / CVSNoYes
Free DomainYesYes
SSL Secure ServerYesNo
24×7 Customer SupportPhone, Email &
Live Chat
Phone, Email &
Live Chat
Money-Back Guarantee30 days97 days
Uptime GuaranteeNone stated100% SLA
Frontpage ExtensionsYesNo
Environment CareWind EnergyCarbon Neutral

* Though ‘Unlimited’, the meaning is not literal. Their true meanings are explained for Dreamhost Hereand for FatCow here which basically means – If you use too much resources, you’re outta here. DreamHost offers an alternate VPS service for CPU hogging clients though.

The differences seem minimal between them. So how do you make a wise choice?

The answer is to compare their control panels. Neither of them use cPanel, the industry’s mostly used control panel to configure your website. Instead, here are two screen shots side by side to compare the direct differences of their control panel.


The difference is apparent. Dreamhost offers much more customization for the dollar. Comparing to Fat Cow’s web hosting control panel, Dreamhost’s control panel option far surpasses that of FatCow’s.

Compare it on your own. Go to http://www.dreamhost.com/ and http://www.fatcow.com/. We hope our article has been helpful.

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